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Asymptote Review

Asymptote Review


An Entertaining Excursion into Intellectual Property Rights

As the name suggests, the Asymptote Review is a one-of-a-kind publication -- an entertaining excursion into the sometimes uncommon or unexpected reaches of intellectual property. Each issue delves into a different topic related to the world of patents, trademarks and other intellectual property.

From Ben Franklin's wit and wisdom to Sir Winston Churchill's determination and vision, we invite visitors to read about a wide variety of topics, such as The Technology of Democracy, Patent Models, and Survivalist Innovation.

Asymptote Review is not intended to provide legal advice, which can be given only after consideration of the facts of a specific situation. To request a free subscription to Asymptote Review, contact Thad at .

AR 1 - Survival Link to Necessity issue One Discoverer
Can Fuel Many Inventors
AR 10 - Corkscrews Link to Corkscrew issue Corkscrew Still Evolving in Form, Not Function
AR 5 - Navigation Link to Navigation issue Navigating
the Waters
of Innovation
AR 11 - Stiles Link to Toothpicks issue Toothpick
A Model Of
Splendid Simplicity
AR 2 - Democracy Link to Democracy issue The Technology
of Democracy
AR 3- Characters Link to Characters issue Abundant
AR 4 - Wine Link to Wine issue The Technology
of Wine
AR 6 - Models Link to Patent Models issue Models Fulfill Critical Role
AR 7 - Ben Franklin the Inventor Link to Ben Franklin issue Ben Franklin
the Inventor
AR 8 - Flight (2 issues) Link to Flight issues (2 issues) A Century of Flight (2 issues)
AR 9 - Churchill Link to Churchill issue Churchill a Noted Inventor, Too
AR 11 - Stiles Link to Stiles issue Stiles Evolve in Many Styles
AR 1 - Survival Link to Necessity issue When Survival Demands Innovation



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